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WALL IE, Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall

WALL IE, the new Industrial Ethernet Bridge and Firewall, simply integrates your machinery network into the higher-level production network. A package filter protects the networks from unauthorized access. If identical IP address ranges are to be realized, WALL IE functions as a bridge. 
The router operating mode serves the forwarding of the data traffic between various IPv4 networks. It enables the address translation via NAT and uses package filters for the limitation of access to the automation network located behind.
In the bridge operating mode, WALL IE acts as a layer 2 switch. In contrast with normal switches, however, package filtering is also possible in this operating mode. This means that the restriction of access to individual areas of your network can be achieved without having to use different networks for this purpose.
WALL IE is industry-compatible, robust, and suitable for installation on the DIN rail.

PROFINET Switch, 4-port, managed

With the 4-port-managed PROFINET switch, PROFINET participants can be connected saving time and costs.
With a GSDML file, you integrate the 4-port switch into your automation environment as usual. The compact and industry-compatible design for DIN rail installation convinces, as does the web interface for configuration and diagnosis. It is also possible to carry out a diagnosis and/or configuration via Telnet, SSH or USB.
The supported PROFINET protocols, such as LLPD, DCP or even diagnosis alarms, can be easily configured and administered. The transmission speed of up to 100 Mbit/s, which can be defined for each port, is as much a standard feature as the PROFINET Conformance Class B and the MRP Client for transmission security through ring redundancy.

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