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Remote Maintenance

REX 100, Ethernet Router

The REX 100 industrial routers present themselves in a compact design. Nevertheless, they offer all the features you expect from a state-of-the-art remote maintenance solution. 
Regardless of the manufacturer, Ethernet participants such as PLCs can be reached with the router. 
The REX 100 router is systematically designed to operate in conjunction with the VPN portal myREX24: All programming and remote maintenance is carried out on the portal. Data transmission is via encrypted VPN tunnel on the basis of the secure Open-VPN protocol.

REX 300, Ethernet Router

The REX 300 Ethernet routers are specially designed for use in industrial environments; they enable reliable and secure Internet teleservicing of machinery and equipment. Thanks to the integrated Firewall, remote access is allowed only for authenticated users.
An additional serial port in router versions with a WAN connection makes it possible to incorporate serial devices into your remote servicing network. 
In combination with the VPN portal myREX24, you get the full service range of the industrial routers.

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