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Config Stage

The ConfigStage is a cost free software tool for configuration of INSEVIS-CPU, of communication interfaces and of periphery – onboard as decentral and external. Assign up to 16 Ethernet-connections, map external CAN-slaves by their EDS-file into the S7-program blocks. Add periphery by drag´n drop, assign address areas and configure I/O-functions intuitively to the selected modules. Be sure, that an internal plausibility test works in background and will warn you to prevent address conflicts. This tool is a real sample for best practice to handle a configuration.

Visualisation Stage

The visualization is the showcase of your application. But how to create a powerful and modern visualization with a poor budget? VisuStage solves this problem and offers lots of simple to configure functions like function- and trend graph viewers, alarm- and event viewers, recipe and user management systems by unlimited languages in the licensed and by 1 language in the free lean version. A simulation tool with error messaging system is included as well. For users of the Siemens-tool WinCCflex there is nearly no differences in handling the program.

Remote Stage

This software is a portable tool – you do not need to install it. Why? Because these kind of software is to use in time scheduled batch file processing. So it helps to upload all archive data and convert it into csv-format e.g. each Sunday morning. But the main thing is to work remote like a 2nd panel to give you the chance to visualize and to control your application remote by an Ethernet-connection. Because of this software is multiinstancable you may built up a master display, containing several RemoteStages with each displaying another panel in your PC-monitor.

Service Stage

Maintenance software must be very simple and smart. And it should be download compiled files only to protect source code from illegal use. The ServiceStage is one of the most simplest maintenance tools for INSEVIS-CPUs. Everybody does understand it immediately and can use it directly. And it uses wld- and binary files only, so that the maintenance job can be done by the customer or external companies as well. And finally: this toll can set a real hard know-how-protection to prevent illegal reading and/or writing, what much harder protected than by any passwords.

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